About Megan Wallar

I am a sales person at heart. In elementary school, I sold silk-worms to my classmates! I was born in South  Africa to an entrepreneurial father and artistic mother and observed firsthand how both of my parents approached their pursuits: with passion.  My father's passion for business, hard-work and focus resulted in very successful      ventures. As an artist, my mom's passion has taught me to look at life in a creative way and to approach it with joy and enthusiasm. These attributes of passion, hard work, joy and enthusiasm are deeply ingrained in me and how I approach business and serving my community.

My young adult years were spent in that beautiful, sunny country.  On a trip to England in the early 80's I fell in love with a Canadian, Don, whom I later married.  In 1997, together with our three children, we made a permanent move to Canada. Moving countries with young children was one of the most challenging things I have ever done. I know what it feels like to move countries and have to learn about a new town and new way of life. We have grown to love York Region and the beautiful cottage country that is in our backyard.

Moving my family to a new country, new town and new culture taught me to value community and home. As a result, I have been a volunteer in various non-profit organizations. I have learned how rewarding it is to serve people and give back to my community. Some of the hardest working people I know and admire are volunteers!

For 10 years I worked as a sales rep for Radio LIFE 100.3 crafting and selling custom advertising campaigns. One of my core strengths is the ability to recognize individual clients' unique marketing and advertising goals and create a plan that will meet those goals. My top priority has always been to keep my clients, their needs and their goals at the forefront of my efforts.

In 2014 I decided it was time for a new challenge and started the journey to become a sales representative in the real estate industry. This is an exciting challenge for me as I get to apply my sales, marketing and advertising    expertise to serve home owners and home buyers with the values I hold deeply: passion, hard-work, joy and         enthusiasm.

I look forward to continuing my career in sales by helping you sell your home or settle into a new home       (silk-worms not included!).