About Michael Tough

Raised in Toronto by a Police Officer dad and a Realtor mom, I have been around the Real Estate business for most of my life.  I had a somewhat normal childhood - football, hockey, friends, hanging out... oh, and working a lot in film and television as a child actor, working with such notables as Leslie Neilson, Jamie Lee Curtis and Ed Asner to name a few. From my acting days, I truly learned first hand the discipline of long days and a commitment to excellence.  In my early 20s, I shifted behind the camera as a Location Manager for many of the top Hollywood film studios. I had the privilege and honour of working with incredibly talented filmmakers and dedicated artists. Every day, my job entailed helping find the right property, negotiating contracts, and ensuring my client was safe and happy in the transaction. Keeping  Hollywood clear of litigation when filming on location is no small task. 

Through my many years of film production, my  experiences taught me the importance of delivering a high quality customer experience, keeping an eye on every last little detail, being a marketing specialist, and how to negotiate contracts in the best interests of my client.  I originally qualified for my Real Estate license in 1989 and chose to use my skills and knowledge assisting film and television production companies. 

When the film industry in Ontario began an economic shift in the early 2000s and production  declined annually for several years consecutively, I chose to step aside and re-qualify as a Residential Realtor.  My commitment to disciplined work ethic, finding the 'perfect' property, marketing a product, negotiating the best  contracts and watching every last detail permeated most every day of my adult life. Those same skills and techniques are what allow me to be the best possible Realtor for my clients.