Why Do I Have To Come To Your Office?

By: Michael Tough Realty Group

Why Do I Have To Come To Your Office?

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Why Do I Have To Come To Your Office?

I Just Want to See A House!

For twenty five years I was a Location Manager in film and television production.  TV Series and most TV Movies were, simply due to the lack of time, a race to find any location to film in.  We had mere days to interpret the script; find the locations; scout them; sign them; tech survey them; and shoot them.  Always “Next….Next….Next”.  The sausage factory as I used to call it.

Feature Films on the other hand - pure joy and bliss in allowing our Location team the opportunity to really make a difference.  My first few days on a Feature allowed me the time to review scene by scene with the Production Designer.  Understanding his/her vision for the film.  What did we want in each location to help capture that vision and propel the story forward!  Exploring the uniqueness of a character and visualizing the perfect location that could reveal to our audience the nuances of that one character.

In those days, the Production Designer would spend hours flipping through various magazines and cutting out pages that best suggested the design elements of the film.  Magazine pictures would be pinned to a massive white board in the Art Department and would capture unique hair styles, the perfect couch or arm chair for a room, the types of cars driven.  House and Home magazines would be scoured, and pictures torn from the pages highlighting the perfect interior rooms and exterior vistas.  It was a joy to sit in front of this white board, sometimes for hours, thinking through the script and capturing the Designer’s vision for the film.

Then into the car we would go.  The Designer and I would spend days simply driving to interior and exterior locations to embed the vision in my mind so our Location Team could then go find it!  Hours spent in a car talking about the goals and visions of the film.  It was one of my most favourite times in Pre-Production.

Once a vision was captured, our Location Team would then be tasked with finding it.  I took great pride in looking for that absolute gem.  Many days I would drive for hours along country roads – survey maps spread out in the passenger street – looking for the perfect farm house or barn.  With highlighter in hand, I would one by one mark off the county roads and concessions travelled and systematically narrow the search.  Always in the back of my mind was, “just over the next hill or around the next bend it would be there.”  That perfect location that served the goal of the Designer and Producer.  That ideal ‘storybook’ vista that would help tell the Director’s story.

And the true joy was stumbling upon a location that went beyond the description in the script and brought an emotion to the scene.  Something special about a location that would grab an audience and make the story that much better.  It wasn’t a feature specifically written into the script.  It was something unique about a real location that could add a new layer to the emotion of a scene.  And I had a few of those.  A glass enclosed stairway on Adelaide Street West that allowed us to watch our hero run from his apartment to the street in plain sight of a car that had just exploded and killing his girlfriend; a quarry in Elora that created the perfect backdrop for an abandoned theatre seemingly built out of the rocks.

It was those moments that made everything special about my career.

And it is that experience we want to bring to our home buying clients.  Current technology allows a home buyer to find everything they need online and instantly contact the realtor for more information.

Here’s the TV Series version of how a Realtor helps: Take your call, meet you at a house and then drive around and look at as many houses as possible and hope that one of them works.  What I refer to as Pop Tart Realtors.  One who is ready to pop up on a moments notice, all sugary and sweet, and run over to show a house.  Is it any wonder anonymous home buyers have one of two reactions when I ask them for a phone number so I can have a conversation with them.  One of two reactions when we propose a meeting in our office.  They either ask why or they never respond, and we never hear from them again.  Eventually, I guess, they find their Pop Tart Realtor.

Is it any wonder we hear far too many stories of bad experiences with Realtors.

Not for our team.  We want to make sure we bring the Feature Film experience to a home purchase.  It’s about understanding your goals and dreams.  It’s great to know you want a 3-bedroom home with at least a single car garage and ideally a finished basement.  The Pop Tart Realtor can glean that quickly and take you on a wild goose chase.

Or we can sit and explore the why behind each of your criteria.  What’s important about those 3 bedrooms?  An open concept kitchen with a large dining room is a simple description.  “We love to cook and entertain, and our dining room table seats 16” tells me a more important story.  And tells me more about you and the life you are looking for in your new home.

A thorough and proper consultation and needs analysis allows us to serve our clients at the highest level.  We as Realtors have a fiduciary obligation to how we provide service… and our team takes this very seriously.  We cannot serve you unless we know you.

The consultative process also allows us to explain the exact market we are in at that time.  Fully understanding the reality of a specific market allows you, the consumer, to make an informed decision.  That information comes from a local professional who knows their area.  It does not come from one form or another of our media.  A newspaper headline or a social media post are a biased snapshot in time.  They are not the nuances and subtleties of a home purchase.

You can have the TV Series sausage factory experience of ‘Next…Next…Next’.  Or you can have the Feature Film event that allows us to fully serve you and your goals.

When we suggest a meeting via text, email or phone call, it is not about wasting your time.  It is actually about saving you time.  And money.  When we understand your goals we know how to serve.  Our team wants to know who you are, what is important, and why it is important for you and your family.  We truly want to make sure you find the very best home.

And just in case you are wondering why I left such a rewarding career in film, here is your chance to get to know me a bit more! One of my earlier blogs!!